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Eco Calibration System

P & P (AUTO ELECTRICAL) LIMITED supply and fit the latest Master Limit ECO Calibration system.

Achieve up to 20% improvements in fuel economy and reduction in maintenance costs, the return on investment can be very quickly realised.

We specialise in economy recalibration of modern diesel engines whether it is for an individual or for a transport fleet company.

Enforcing Driver Behaviour
The major limitation on all commercial companies when it comes to fuel economy and vehicle longevity is the driver. With no control over their driving habits and styles, company fuel economies and maintenance issues vary hugely from driver to driver.

Suitable for light commercial vehicles (LCV’s), heavy goods vehicles (HGV’s) and cars the ECO calibration optimises fuel economy and prevents the vehicle from being driven aggressively. The solution adopted will be tailored to your precise application, vehicle and company, so contact us now to discuss your situation.

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Eco Calibration Benefits:

  • Reduction in fuel consumption
  • Reduction in maintenance and service costs
  • Increased vehicle longevity
  • Improved company image through restriction on aggressive driving styles
  • Potential reduction in accident rates
  • Aids in ‘Duty of Care’ compliance

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