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P & P (AUTO ELECTRICAL) LIMITED supply and fit the latest Ctrack vehicle tracking systems.

cTrackTransferrable Fleet Tracking
Ctrack has launched a fleet tracking device for cars and light commercial vehicles that can be fitted within a matter of seconds and transferred when required between different assets.

Ctrack Plug & Play connects quickly and easily to the OBD II diagnostic port of the vehicle to capture telematics data. The system provides a simple way of monitoring assets and protecting against misuse, and will also enable companies to ensure they are being driven responsibly to help maximise return on investment value. 

System Monitoring and Tracking
As an OBD II connected device, it can also access additional vehicle specific information from the onboard systems such as engine RPM, throttle position, load and temperature.

Comprehensive Reporting
The system also provides a comprehensive suite of reports which can be previewed on screen, downloaded in Microsoft Excel / PDF or automatically scheduled on a regular basis.  The reports cover a wide variety of areas such as harsh driving, excessive idling, speed in relation to the speed limit of the road and alerts that can be configured when an accident has occurred.

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